Red Pepper Chutney with Ginger

Red Pepper Chutney with Ginger

Red peppers cut into large pieces cooked with onion, white vinegar and sugar and flavored with ginger, rosemary and thyme. An exceptional sweet and sour sauce reminiscent of Asian flavors.

Suggestions for use:

Ideal accompaniment to soft and semi-soft cheeses (manouri, formaela), cold meats (prosciutto, fouantre, turkey), grilled meats & poultry, pasta, salads, omelets and sandwiches.
Great next to a tenderloin steak, grilled chicken or fillet of white fish (language, trout), platter sauce and yellow cheese ripening sausage, dressing in Asian dishes (fried rice, springrolls).
Try it with :

Sweet and sour chicken or pork, noodles with shrimps or pizza with mozzarella, olives and mushrooms.

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