Hrysafi Melichloro Cheese Lemnou

Hrysafi Melichloro Cheese Lemnou

Made from fresh sheep and goat milk, Melichloro is a hard cheese with richer and more complex flavors. Holding dear to traditional production and maturing methods (in dark rooms of low humidity levels) along with knowledge and thorough quality controls, HRYSAFIS Dairy produces a cheese that captures all the scents of herbs and wildflowers of the island. 

Serving Ideas: With a glass of ouzo or tsipouro (grape distillate) As a part of a Greek cheese platter with a drizzle of thyme honey and walnut halves. For grating over pastas and vegetables Slightly pan-fried (saganaki) with spicy fig jam.

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep milk, pasteurized goat milk, sea salt, starter culture, rennet of animal origin.

Allergy Advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.



Nutritional Information Per 100g
Energy 1703 (407kcal)

– of which saturates

32.1 g

18.2 g


– of which sugars

0.1 g

0.1 g

Protein 29.6 g
Salt 2.5 g



  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Vegetarian
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