Sure Food Ltd is pleased to add to its product portfolio the Mulino Caputo flour range in Cyprus.


Mulino Caputo has been offering high quality flour to professionals in the confectionery, bakery, pasta and pizza industries, with many types of flour intended for different processes from bread to pizza, from dessert to dough.
The value of high-quality standards, which is intertwined with Caputo products, is appreciated, and recognized worldwide and is now available in Cyprus. Thanks to the Caputo method, Caputo flours maintain the naturalness and authenticity of the flavours to the maximum.

Caputo Flour
“00” Pizzeria

An elastic, resistant gluten flour with high quality-protein resulting in a consistent long-rise dough. Ideal for classic Neapolitan pizza made in high heat wood fired, gas or electric ovens.

Available packages: 5kg & 25kg

Caputo Flour
“0” Nuvola

A new type 0 flour that allows highly hydrating dough and gives the pizza a richly airy cornice typical of the Neapolitan-style round pizza. A careful selection of raw materials ensures volume and softness of the dough thanks to the high fermentative capacity naturally present in the grains. Nuvola is a 100% natural product without the use of additives or preservatives.

Available package: 25kg

Caputo Flour
“00” Saccorosso

A higher gluten and protein offering that is ideal for long-rise dough and leavening at controlled temperatures. This flour is comprised of high quality and quantity proteins making it “reinforced” and ideal for certain pastries, specialty breads, and pizza.

Available package: 25kg

Caputo Flour
“0” Manitoba

Low in starch and gluten, ideal for shiny, consistent dough. It is made from the best wheats with high proteinic level. Gluten quality gives the doughs elasticity and extensibility, with excellent results in rising pastry

Available package: 25kg

Caputo Semolina

A double ground flour with very soft and fine texture. Its signature yellowish tint and resistant, elastic gluten make it ideal for all extruded pastas and breads, or wherever the characteristics of semolina are desired.

Available package: 5kg

Caputo Pasta
Fresca e Gnocchi

An elastic flour with high protein content, high quality starch and strong gluten. Combination with water makes stiff doughs for an extraordinary final result.

Available package: 5kg

Dry Yeast

A product that is naturally 100% ITALIAN and is fed only with natural ltalian ingredients. lt is suitable for all types of leavening and is also perfect for gluten-free preparations. The re-sealable tub makes it simpler to store than fresh yeast and it can be preserved far longer without requiring refrigeration.

Available package: 100g

Caputo Flour “00” Cuoco

Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration. Light, with a perfect rising, satisfy the best maestri pizzaioli’s needs. Ideal for long fermentation and neapolitan classic pizza. 13 % Protein

Available package: 5KG

Caputo Flour Integrale

Made with traditional method, from the milling of each single wheat grain. Full of germs and fibres, it assures a genuine smell after cooking. 12.5 % Protein

Available package: 5KG